[alsa-devel] Audo capture not working with HP 9000 laptop and 2.6.32 kernel

Corey Boyle corey.j.boyle at gmail.com
Sun Oct 11 13:53:15 CEST 2009


I have an HP 9000 series laptop with an Intel HD sound card and Realtek
ALC298 codec.  I am having a problem with audio capture ever since upgrading
to the 2.6.32 kernel series from 2.6.31.  I have git bisected to this
commit: 33d78674586aeb6a623b1e612e6f92dd83015ed3 "ALSA: hda - Use auto model
for HP laptops with ALC268 codec".  After this commit I am not able to
capture audio and using alsamixer I am not able to choose the input source.
I was using "Front Mic" as the input source when this was working in
2.6.31.  I have uploaded my configuration using alsa-info before and after
the commit.

Before change

After change

Could someone please provide some help in getting this working, presumably
without rolling back the previously mentioned commit?  I am not familiar
with how the alsa code works but am willing to help out if given some

Please CC me on all replies as I am not a subscriber to the list.


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