[alsa-devel] Possibility to build alsa driver without having exact kernel source?

Christian Steffen c-steffen at web.de
Wed Oct 7 19:11:04 CEST 2009

Hello list,


I need a new driver for a atom cpu driven device. It needs the
"snd_intel_hda" driver to work as it has intels Poulsbo chipset.

Currently I have a compiled module, but sound has a constant clicking noise
with this one.
Therefore I'd like to try an updated alsa driver, which hopefully fixes a
problem on Poulsbo chipsets with stepping D0 or newer.


My problem is that I only have a compiled running kernel, but no source from
All I can see (trough uname -a) is:

Linux joggler 2.6.30 #4 SMP Tue Jun 23 21:55:08 BST 2009 i686 GNU/Linux


So I know, the kernel is a 2.6.30, arch i686.


I tried to compile the driver now just with the standard kernel 2.6.30
source from kernel. org.

But when trying to load these modules, I get "Invalid module format".


Is there any chance to get a working compiled driver without having more



Christian Steffen

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