[alsa-devel] [alsa-cvslog] alsa-kernel: Official ALSA project GIT repository for Linux 2.6 branch, master now at v2.6.31-rc8-407-gfc9e4a3

Clemens Ladisch clemens at ladisch.de
Wed Oct 7 09:59:13 CEST 2009

jmal8295 wrote:
> > With the new controls, the only way to change them would be on the
> > command line:
> >   amixer cset iface=PCM,name="PCM Playback Volume",subdevice=x yy
> Hmmm ... that is almost as cumbersome as it could be. Is it at least
> planed to add it to some other mixer, like alsamixer? Another view
> perhaps?

That would be useful (also for the same controls of the Emu10k1 and
DS-1 drivers).

> > BTW: How do you determine which of the four controls is associated with
> > a specific application?
> Trial and error :-).

A mixer application/view that knows about these controls could show the
program name, but that would require that ALSA gives out information
about the process that has opened a substream.

> > In any case, the main purpose of the patch was to rename the controls to
> > prevent "alsactl restore" from restoring the old wrong volume setting,
> > so it would suffice to just change the controls' name in some way, such
> > as from "VIA DXS" to "DXS".
> I would propose to use this oportunity to rename them to something more
> descriptive, but I have no idea what that could be (considering limited
> space in mixer programs).

"PCM Stream"?

Best regards,

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