[alsa-devel] Tascam

humbert.olivier.1 at free.fr humbert.olivier.1 at free.fr
Thu Oct 1 16:30:56 CEST 2009

Hi all
in first thanks for your work, it permit us to make music with GNU Linux :)

I'm Olivier from France.
I work on linuxMAO.org website.
It's a french website for music assisted by computer.
In this website, i make an article for make work the tascam us-224 on GNU Linux.
Sometime I was angry because all is'nt recognize on my sound card. (Like 4 faders for 4 tracks).
So I make a letter in what i said something like that :

"Hey Tascam, it's cool for you ?
For me it's cool, because i buy your product and it's a good one,
and now, i play music with my friend and children and many people.
all doesn't work with my OS, GNU/Linux
it's damage because you don't see that many people on linux and other OS,
have to go to your concurent (like M-audio or RME) because they're more open than you.
blablabla blablabla ..."

They don't answer. ... :/

Another boy make another one few month ago.
They don't answer too. ... :/

Last week, a new boy email me that, he was very happy because my website page for the TASCAM us 224
help him to make work on linux. (it was great, i'm happy)
So i speak with him and said to him
"hey, you can make an email to Tascam (in fact sennheiser in france, the official distributor for tascam products)
and say to them "hello boys, can you give us the source code or specifications blablabla" "

and this one, he answered positively !
The sennheiser man said to us that he speak with japanese guys who said "what they needs?".

So, i'm not developper
I search for the (one or many) people who made the tascam us 224 (and 122 and 448 i think) driver for ALSA system.
because, we've got an open way to make it better. Or another one motived !

The ball is here now.
Thanks for read and for your work.


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