[alsa-devel] opti-miro: fix missing semicolon

Krzysztof Helt krzysztof.h1 at poczta.fm
Fri Nov 20 21:04:03 CET 2009

From: Krzysztof Helt <krzysztof.h1 at wp.pl>

Fix the mistake introduced by me earlier patch.

Signed-off-by: Krzysztof Helt <krzysztof.h1 at wp.pl>
I have borrowed the Miro PCM20 card. I can test the driver while making patches.

diff --git a/sound/isa/opti9xx/miro.c b/sound/isa/opti9xx/miro.c
index b8170ad..1776103 100644
--- a/sound/isa/opti9xx/miro.c
+++ b/sound/isa/opti9xx/miro.c
@@ -1277,7 +1277,7 @@ static int __devinit snd_miro_probe(struct device *devptr, unsigned int n)
 		if (mpu_port < 0) {
 			snd_printk(KERN_ERR "unable to find a free MPU401 port\n");
-			return -EBUSY
+			return -EBUSY;
 	if (miro->irq == SNDRV_AUTO_IRQ) {

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