[alsa-devel] Delays with PulseAudio (normal)?

Tom Watson sdc695 at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 17 07:50:42 CET 2009

I just did an fresh install of a Fedora 11, and it went well for the most part.  Then I tried some audio stuff, and it seems that pulseaudio (groan!) has a closing delay.

In my case I want to issue a "beep" then make a recording.  This involves the equivalent of:

$ aplay beep.wav
$ arecord -d recordit.wav

This used to work in a kernel of a few years ago, but in F11 there is a NOTICABLE delay from the end of the beep to the start of the recording.  It can even be seen if one does a simple aplay and waits for the shell prompt.  I was wondering if there was an option in a configuration file, or a hammer I can take to pulseaudio to solve this problem.

An added bit of information:  The beep.wav file is about 0.1 second long (if that matters, which I believe it shouldn't).

Any clues would be appreciated,

Tom Watson


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