[alsa-devel] PC Beep or PC Speaker or just Beep? and HDA Beep code...

Jaroslav Kysela perex at perex.cz
Thu Nov 12 11:42:24 CET 2009

On Tue, 3 Nov 2009, Jaroslav Kysela wrote:

>>> I don't see a problem. If you find the behaviour too risky, we can limit
>>> the register/unregister calls in time. Like one register call in one
>>> second.
>> Oh no, that'd be very strange behavior as an mixer element.
> I recoded patch to delay the detach only to get consistent and abuse prone 
> behaviour:
> http://git.alsa-project.org/?p=alsa-kernel.git;a=commit;h=ba9c08c61338f298df34445715287beeca94b024
> http://git.alsa-project.org/?p=alsa-kernel.git;a=commit;h=0633c8e977b7708ea122392d87cc15ca448fc5d5
> The HDA beep output is muted immediately, of course.

Any chance to get my HDA beep updates merged to linux-next tree?

[ALSA] hda_intel: Digital PC Beep - change behaviour for input layer
[ALSA] hda_intel: Digital PC Beep - delay input device unregistration
[ALSA] hda: beep - add missing cancel_delayed_work

Reasons for merge:

- it's tested
- it's compatible with all kernels (including ones without
   the future input layer modifications)
- the code is more structured which can help us to rebind
   "on request" input registration to another logic later
- Beep mute switch now disables the tone generator on the off request -
   it might be considered as bug in the previous beep code


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