[alsa-devel] RME HDSPe AIO

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Why do you say "No. This is a pro audio card and it's full potential cannot
be used with ALSA."? What is there in Alsa that will restrict the use of the
card (or any card) for pro audio use?

The Trinnov room correction system which is a pro market product uses
Hammerfall cards and Alsa to do some very ambitious pro audio functions for

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> The AIO is purported to be very similar to the 9632 and should be 
> using the snd-hdsp module.

No. It has the hdspe core and should be used as such.

> I would like to use this card in ALSA,

That's nice, but you should have checked before buying the card. The AIO is
not supported.

> Besides my individual circumstance I wonder if ALSA should not be 
> accomodating this great card somehow.

No. This is a pro audio card and it's full potential cannot be used with

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