[alsa-devel] [PATCH] alsa-lib: snd_device_name_hint misbehaving

John Lindgren john.lindgren at tds.net
Mon Nov 2 19:12:21 CET 2009

On Mon, 2009-11-02 at 07:21 +0100, Jaroslav Kysela wrote:
> On Sun, 1 Nov 2009, John Lindgren wrote:
> > * Remove erroneous snd_config_delete calls that cause later calls to
> > snd_pcm_open to fail.
> It does not look good. Have you checked with valgrind if there are no 
> memory leaks?

You're making the same mistake that the original author of the code
made.  snd_config_delete is not a call to free memory; it is a call to
remove sections of the loaded configuration.  The configuration nodes
that were being passed to snd_config_delete were returned by
snd_config_search, which returns direct pointers to the actual nodes in
the configuration.  It does no memory duplication.

> Please, split your changes to single patches. Thanks.

I will do so when I have the time to learn Git a little better.  (I
normally use Mercurial).

John Lindgren

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