[alsa-devel] FW: question on snd_jack_report

Kp, Jeeja jeeja.kp at intel.com
Sun Nov 1 15:25:12 CET 2009

When I call snd_jack_report with the status of the jack, am monitoring the /dev/input/eventX (using event.c) for Userspace events when Headset is inserted and I don't see any events even when snd_jack_report() is called. Is there any specific configuration that is required (xorg.config)?

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On Wed, Oct 21, 2009 at 06:22:47PM +0530, Harsha, Priya wrote:

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> When I call snd_jack_report with the status of the jack, from the user
> user space which parameter should I check in the
> sys/class/input/input2 to know if the jack is present or not?

Assuming you're looking to check the presence of a device in the jack
(rather than the presence of the jack itself) then there's nothing in
sysfs, you read this information from the device node.  See evtest.c
(google should show up lots of copies) for sample code doing this.

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