[alsa-devel] Recent breakages (was: (no subject))

renidragsemaj at yahoo.com renidragsemaj at yahoo.com
Sun May 31 08:57:59 CEST 2009

--- On Sat, 5/30/09, Takashi Iwai <tiwai at suse.de> wrote:

>> Hi, someone recently submitted changes to the patch_sigmatel.c codec
>> source. Whatever was done is breaking my patch for the HP dv4-1222nr
>> laptop. I also strongly suspect that other code in the stac92hd71bxx
>> function has been affected. There is no autodetect, there is no
>> option for modprobe that will load that codec currently, to the best
>> of my knowledge. I've tracked the difference to snapshot
>> 20090529. Before that, I can get it to work, there and after refuses
>> to work properly.
>Could you try to copy hda_intel.c from 1.0.20 and check whether this
>fixes the problem?  Most likely I broke something.

You seem to have that right. I changed out that file like you said and it went back to working. Now, only to find out what happened...

>> Also, there was a recent change to the
>> stac92xx_hp_check_power_status function: While the change looks good
>> for its intended purpose of localizing board changes to the
>> switch/case statements in the stac92hd71bxx function, the
>> implementor reversed the if/then selector: 
>Fixed now.  Thanks for checking!

Thank you. It seems that I had two big booboos with this part of my post. 1) Sorry about all those question marks: It looks like my cut and paste job didn't go the way I planned. 2) I messed up and switched the old and new code in my post, but it looks like you caught my screw-up. The recent snapshot (20090531) has it right. *Don't change it back!* :)

Thank you,
James Gardiner


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