[alsa-devel] emu10k1 TRAM access ?

mAdVax madvax at free.fr
Thu May 14 14:41:02 CEST 2009


I would like to send some data to a DSP patch. I can use alsa controls
(easy) but I need more : TRAM and lookup table. I read many lines of
code, but all this is still quite obscure...
Here are 3 questions :

How can I fill the TRAM ? (from user space)
How can I know which TRAM area has been allocated to a given patch ?
Do 'lookup tables' work ?

Some code samples will be greatly appreciated  :)

Thanks in advance.

Note: I only know 2 sources of information about emu10k1 DSP, the alsa 
source code, and the old emu10k1 site at sourceforge.


FYI: I already posted this message yesterday as a non-member, but it has 
not been moderated (I don't get an answer 24H later).

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