[alsa-devel] MacbookPro5,1 & hda-analyzer

Ozan Çağlayan ozan at pardus.org.tr
Mon May 11 20:11:36 CEST 2009


I just bought a MacbookPro5,1 and having difficulties with the onboard
HDA chipset.

* No sound can be heard of it if model= is not set to mbp3:
  [   12.009422] hda_codec: Unknown model for ALC883, trying auto-probe
from BIOS...

* If model=mbp3 is given, it's possible to get sound from it but with
many annoying problems:

  - You have to switch to 6ch mode for getting sound, doesn't work with
2ch mode,
  - The sound quality is very very bad,
  - Once you switch to 6ch mode,
    - You have to increment the volume of *Line-in* to have hearable
sound from *internal speakers*,
    - You have to increment the volume of *Front* to have hearable sound
from *headphones*,
    - The two controls are not mutually exclusive, you have to mute one
of them, if you're using the other.

And then I decided to play with hda-analyzer. After a bit of playing, I
started to get sound from the board
without the model=mbp3. But the mixers are still behaving somewhat
strange. Before actually reporting any feedback
on what I've switched and did, what do you suggest me to do? Is setting
the model= to something, something similar to what
I was doing with hda-analyzer?

Ozan Caglayan

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