[alsa-devel] asus xonar DX

Dmitri Seletski drjoms at gmail.com
Fri May 8 00:47:36 CEST 2009

Hello boys and girls.

I have successfully installed asus xonar DX onto PCIE x16 slot on Linux 
2.6.28-gentoo-r5 SMP on amd64 architecture.

Version of alsa package - alsa-driver1.0.20, alsa firmware 1.0.19. I
used alsa package and not kernel modules.
Several channels seem to work fine(my speakers are broken, no back
channels available,  started holy war with creative about it, guess with
fiasco with faulty speakers and xfi drivers i am supporter of creative
no more, i am not gonna bad mouth them either just yet).

So far so good. Microphone works,  surround sound works too, I am pretty

Thanks for all people who advised me something. If i come across this
problem - you will hear from me again ;)
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