[alsa-devel] [patch] tlv320aic3x: disable ADC/DAC while changing clock

Daniel Glöckner dg at emlix.com
Mon Mar 30 14:48:09 CEST 2009

On 03/26/2009 02:45 PM, Mark Brown wrote:
> On Thu, Mar 26, 2009 at 02:21:46PM +0100, Daniel Gl??ckner wrote:
>> The aforementioned rule implies that we can not disable the PLL in
>> stand-by bias level.
> Could you go into more detail on why you believe that this is the case?
> The DACs and ADCs won't be operational when the bias is held at standby
> which means that at most standby needs to wait for them to go idle.

This is based on the fact that soc_pcm_prepare calls
snd_soc_dapm_stream_event(..., SND_SOC_DAPM_STREAM_START) before
snd_soc_dapm_set_bias_level(..., SND_SOC_BIAS_ON).

In addition there is a block of code in tlv320aic3x.c that explicitly disables
the ADC/DAC in SND_SOC_BIAS_OFF. It may be superfluous, though.

>> +static u8 aic3x_power_codec(struct snd_soc_codec *codec, u8 new)
>> +{
> This really needs some comments explaining what it's doing; it's not
> really clear what effect it's trying to achieve or how it interacts with

This function takes a bitmask of the desired power state of the ADC/DAC blocks
and configures the device accordingly. It returns a bitmask of the previous
power state, suitable for input.


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