[alsa-devel] [PATCH] fix headphone settings and master volume (Conexant CX20551 0x103c30b2)

Gregorio Guidi gregorio.guidi at gmail.com
Mon Mar 9 15:49:47 CET 2009

On Monday 09 March 2009 12:50:10 Takashi Iwai wrote:
> At Sun, 8 Mar 2009 21:19:41 +0100,
> Gregorio Guidi wrote:
> > Hi, I have an Intel HDA card, Conexant CX20551 (Waikiki) model,
> > Subsystem Id: 0x103c30b2 (HP DV2000 series).
> >
> > With these settings, there are 4 volume controls: "PCM-2" and "Speaker"
> > to control speakers, "PCM" and "Headphone" to control headphones.
> > At the moment "PCM-2", "Speaker", "PCM" work fine, but "Headphone" has no
> > effect (also reported inside bug #3091).
> Does the current driver work with model=laptop-hp option?

I did try the laptop-hp option. I got only two controls: PCM and Master, PCM 
controlled both speakers and headphones, while Master controlled only the 
headphones (in fact the "Master" control for model=laptop-hp is the same as 
the "Headphone" control for model=laptop with the patch). There is no automute 
when plugging headphones.

By the way, I was incorrect: also with model=laptop (the default) "PCM" 
controls both speakers and headphones (PCM-2 only the speakers).

Let me know if you need info or you have something to test.

Gregorio Guidi

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