[alsa-devel] [patch 0/9] S3C24XX/S3C64XX updates

Ben Dooks ben-alsa at fluff.org
Wed Mar 4 01:49:25 CET 2009

This is a set of patches for 2.6.30 to add more
s3c24xx machine support and support for the S3C64XX
series of SoC.

It would be very useful to get the header moves merged
as soon as possible, to help clear out the old ARM
include directories (and make it easier for the merges
from other s3c branches that need to take place in the
merge window). As such, they're only moves and should
not affect the actual build.

Ben (ben at fluff.org, http://www.fluff.org/)

  'a smiley only costs 4 bytes'

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