[alsa-devel] [PATCH 1/3] ASoC: Add GPIO support for jack reporting interface

Lopez Cruz, Misael x0052729 at ti.com
Tue Mar 3 01:03:12 CET 2009

> > > That sounds like adding a callback for power updates on the jack
> > > itself to me (which isn't a bad idea), rather than changing the 
> > > report function of the jack detection method.  The need for
> > > machine-specific extra actions probably isn't specific to jacks
> > > that are detected via GPIOs.

> > In that situation, power updates should come only when the jack
> > reporting bits are either all active (jack enabled) or none (jack 
> > disabled), is that correct?

> No, the jack detect bits can change independently - you won't always
> physically be able to get everything that can be detected to report at
> once (eg, something that can distinguish between headphones and line
> output) or things may not always be present together (eg, a jack could
> detect headphones but no microphone even if it's possible  that both
> may be present simultaneously).

Then, when to trigger the callback? Every time jack status is going to
be updated?

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