[alsa-devel] External PCM hook SO is dlclosed after calling install, making it hard to have hooks in it

Paul Fertser fercerpav at gmail.com
Tue Jun 30 08:20:54 CEST 2009

On Tue, Jun 30, 2009 at 08:09:45AM +0200, Takashi Iwai wrote:
> At Tue, 30 Jun 2009 02:11:01 +0400,
> Paul Fertser wrote:
> > I've tried to implement an external shared object to be able to
> > execute arbitrary functions on PCM device opening and closing. After
> > quite some source code reading i had an almost working but segfaulting
> > example. This segfault is because snd_dlclose is called right after
> > calling a hook install function and therefore i can't snd_pcm_hook_add
> > functions from the same shared object. To me it looks like a bug but
> > probably i just don't see how this functionality is intended to be
> > used. Takashi, git-blame showed that it's you who stuffed this dlclose
> > call that bothers me ;)
> Well, right now, a plugin is designed to be bound with a single PCM
> instance.  That's why dlcolse is called in snd_pcm_close(). 

It looks like we're talking about different things. You seem to be
talking about external PCM plugins, i'm talking about external functions
for the "hook" PCM plugin. The code i question is in pcm/pcm_hooks.c
in function snd_pcm_hook_add_conf:

        if (err >= 0) {
                if (args && snd_config_get_string(args, &str) >= 0) {
                        err = snd_config_search_definition(root,
                "hook_args", str, &args);
                        if (err < 0)
                                SNDERR("unknown hook_args %s", str);
                                err = install_func(pcm, args);
                } else
                        err = install_func(pcm, args);

> Can you give your code to grasp more implementation images?

Rough sketch attached.

> > We're working on audio subsystem for OpenMoko Freerunner. It's an idea
> > of Joerg Reisenweber to have virtual alsa devices for every reasonable
> > use-case (like dedicated device for stereout, dedicated device for
> > recording from gsm etc), for that we need a hook on every device
> > opening and closing mostly to set up routing inside WM8753
> > codec. ctl_elems is not enough because we need a more complex locking
> > scheme (with priorities, some kind of callbacks to the apps using
> > particular devices etc) and other flexibility.
> To hook off snd_pcm_open and snd_pcm_close, you could use LD_PRELOAD.
> But, a plugin sounds more interesting.

Much more, i'd say.

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#include <alsa/asoundlib.h>
#include <alsa/conf.h>
#include <alsa/pcm.h>
#include <dlfcn.h>
#include <stdio.h>

snd_config_t *conf_copy;

static int snd_pcm_hook_testhook_hw_params(snd_pcm_hook_t *hook)
	const char *str;
        snd_config_t *h = snd_pcm_hook_get_private(hook);
	snd_config_t *s;
	snd_config_search(h, "hw", &s);
	snd_config_get_string(s, &str);
	fprintf(stderr, "testhook: hw_params, %s\n", str);
        return 0;

static int snd_pcm_hook_testhook_hw_free(snd_pcm_hook_t *hook)
	const char *str;
        snd_config_t *h = snd_pcm_hook_get_private(hook);
	snd_config_t *s;
	snd_config_search(h, "close", &s);
	snd_config_get_string(s, &str);
	fprintf(stderr, "testhook: hw_free, %s\n", str);
        return 0;

static int snd_pcm_hook_testhook_close(snd_pcm_hook_t *hook)
	fprintf(stderr, "testhook: close\n");
        return 0;

int _snd_pcm_hook_testhook_install(snd_pcm_t *pcm, snd_config_t *conf)
	int err;
        snd_pcm_hook_t *h_hw_params = NULL, *h_hw_free = NULL, *h_close = NULL;

	snd_config_copy(&conf_copy, conf);

//	dlopen("testhook.so", RTLD_NOW);

        err = snd_pcm_hook_add(&h_hw_params, pcm, SND_PCM_HOOK_TYPE_HW_PARAMS,
                               snd_pcm_hook_testhook_hw_params, conf_copy);
        if (err < 0)
                goto _err;
        err = snd_pcm_hook_add(&h_hw_free, pcm, SND_PCM_HOOK_TYPE_HW_FREE,
                               snd_pcm_hook_testhook_hw_free, conf_copy);
        if (err < 0)
                goto _err;
        err = snd_pcm_hook_add(&h_close, pcm, SND_PCM_HOOK_TYPE_CLOSE,
                               snd_pcm_hook_testhook_close, NULL);
	return 0;
        if (h_hw_params)
        if (h_hw_free)
        if (h_close)
        return err;

SND_DLSYM_BUILD_VERSION(_snd_pcm_hook_testhook_install, SND_PCM_DLSYM_VERSION);

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