[alsa-devel] [PATCH, RFC 0/3] magician fix and UDA1380 i2c device registration change

Philipp Zabel philipp.zabel at gmail.com
Sun Jun 14 12:51:28 CEST 2009

Hi Mark,

Patch 1/3 is a follow-up fix to commit a820532002e70e3a06f1ea7133e9b02443d07382
"ASoC: pxa-ssp.c fix clock/frame invert".

Patch 2/3 removes the I2C board info registration from the UDA1380 driver.
Instead, device instantiation will be done via global i2c_board_info from
board files (patch 3/3). At the same time, platform specific configuration
is moved to platform data. Common power/reset GPIO handling moves into the
codec driver, which will allow to completely power down the codec depending
on ASoC power state in the future.

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