[alsa-devel] SB X-Fi driver fixes (Re: Testers wanted: New SB X-Fi driver)

Gernot Kohlhaas gernot.kohlhaas at googlemail.com
Tue Jun 9 07:44:29 CEST 2009

Takashi Iwai schrieb:
> At Tue, 09 Jun 2009 07:23:56 +0200,
> Gernot Kohlhaas wrote:
>> Takashi Iwai schrieb:
>>> Also, do you mean that the default output works without 1/3 second
>>> distortion?  Or, the distortion happens regardless of your PCM device
>>> setup?
>>> I'd like to concentrate on debugging the default setup at first,
>>> so better to reduce the risk of brokenness of ladspa plugin.
>>> If you get any severe problems with the default setup, please let me
>>> know more details.
>>> thanks,
>>> Takashi
>> No, this distortion happens "everywhere" when I compile the module with
>> --debug=full.
> That's weird.  Do you get any kernel messages?
Unfortunately not. Just the "standard" ones (when loading the module).

>> For the crashes: They only happen when I use the LADSPA low pass filter
>> AND when I am fast forwarding in xmms. When I don't use fast forwarding,
>> everything works fine. But I will try use_system_timer=1 when I get back
>> from work today.
>> It really seems like the plug-in is doing some weird stuff.
> But the plugin itself cannot lead to a system crash.  It's the driver.
> Do I understand correctly that your system locks up when this happens,
> right?  If yes, the cause might be the mmap mode access.
Yes, it locks up. No kernel panic or something like that. A "hard"
> Takashi

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