[alsa-devel] [PATCH - quirk for USB Aureon cards 1/1] Add quirk to provide proper naming of the Terratec Aureon 5.1 MkII USB card

Andrea Borgia andrea at borgia.bo.it
Wed Jun 3 15:40:10 CEST 2009

Takashi Iwai ha scritto:

>> From the looks of it, would you agree my latest patch works like my
>> earlier one for the Toshiba SB-0500 ? That is, renames the device and
>> nothing else?
> Hm, doesn't it work properly even after your correction patch?

It does, sort of... but at least I found out that the patched module
wasn't being rebuilt and that was causing the glitch.

Now I get a funny name: "MkII". The full name is ok, but the shorter
name in "cards" is not.

What do you suggest in such cases? Remove all spaces, change them to
underscores or what else?


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