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Fri Jul 31 19:24:53 CEST 2009

then what are the first steps to do to be able to trace my steps and to get
support here or somewhere else?
Who can help me to debug the whole thing and make it available for everyone?
Where should I put output from, who can help me make a new model
for snd-hda-intel module?
How do I use the codecgraph?

(I'm happy to get some direct links for specific pages, however, I gave up on
google, followed everything I could find. Most sensible seems to me try
HDA-Analyzer together with someone who can help me get a bit further [if I get
mic sound to output, how do I get it to record etc.])

Currently I use Ubuntu 10.10 32bit, with HDA Analyzer I managed to play around a
lot and can output the mic-input (int+ext) directly to speakers and headphones,
however, I cannot find a way to send it to any software/make it available.
in the standard gnome audio capture software (forgot the name) I can record
software output (eg. mp3's) when i switch the used audio device to "Analog
Output" and then back to "Analog Duplex" (then nothing is selected in capture
device - the moment I select the only available device, "mic", there is nothing
to be captured any more).

any hints, advice?

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