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Fri Jul 31 19:24:53 CEST 2009

volume actually means "mute", that is when I see something like 9f
there is no sound recored, while 1f produces sound. And then I saw
that this bit reflects the "Mute" checkbox state.

> Are you sure that Skype/pulseaudo open the same subdevice ?

I think so. First, It worked before. I have no pulseaudio. Skype just
uses hw:0 device. It does some recording, but the audio is very
distorted (low volume, no high frequencies, kind of clipped). I
disabled the Skype option to adjust mixer volumes and play with it

> "Capture1" switch is associated with Node 0x14 [Audio Input]
> Refer to the graph in hda_analyzer , when you place the mouse cursor insi=
> the "out" box of the Node 0x1e (Front Mic Pin) , there are three red line=
> indicate the possible connections to 0x14, 0x16 and 0x17
> Unlike the other HDA codec , your vt1708s has only one "Input Souce" cont=
> and two ADC
> For the other HDA codec, the number of "Input Source" controls is =A0usua=
> equal to the number of ADC, this mean that some input sources (e.g. mic =
> can only be connected to one ADC .
> As you can see in the graph, node 0x14 can be connected to 0x1e only
> All the connected audio path are displayed as blue line and it is strange
> there are no blue line connected to =A0both the node 0x13 and 0x14 [Audio
> Input]

I will not be able to check it for about a week. When I'll have access
to my PC again, I'll re-check and let you know what I see.
Thanks a lot.
Mark Goldstein

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