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Fri Jul 31 19:24:53 CEST 2009

Original text for Unsolicited Response PD bit:

Presence Detect: When this bit is set, sense measurement has
changed on the pin widget and software can use the pin sense
control verb to determine the current pin sense data state.
For analog pin widgets, this UR means that Presence Detect or
Impedance has changed on the pin widget.
For digital pin widgets, including HDMI pin widgets, this means
that presence detect (and optionally ELD valid bit) has
**changed**. [my emphasis]

Updated text for Unsolicted Response PD bit:

Presence Detect: This bit reflects the **present** [my
emphasis] state of the Pin Sense Presence Detect bit when the
unsolicited response is triggered. Software can optionally use
the pin sense control verb to determine the latest pin sense
data state. This bit implementation is only required for
digital display pin widget. Non digital display pin widget is
optional to implement this bit.

For our MCP89, the values indicates the change of status of PD, not the a=
ctual value of PD,
which follows older description of UR for PD bit.

So could we add a workaround for MCP89? We could use Pin Sense to determi=
ne again in
unsolicited events. If it return 0xc0000000, it means PD=3D1 and ELVD=3D1=
Or do you have any suggestions?


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