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2.5.3 Data Clock Generation
When the receive/transmit clock mode is set to 1 (CLK(R/X)M =3D 1 in the pi=
control register (PCR)), the
data clocks (CLK(R/X)) are driven by the internal sample rate generator
output clock, CLKG. You can
select for the receiver and transmitter from a variety of data bit clocks
=95 The input clock to the sample rate generator, which can be either the
internal clock source or a
dedicated external clock source via the MCBSP_CLKX, MCBSP_CLKR, or
MCBSP_CLKS pins. The
McBSP internal clock is the CPU/6 clock. See Section for details on
the source of the McBSP
internal clock.
=95 The input clock source (internal clock source or external clock
MCBSP_CLKX/MCBSP_CLKR/MCBSP_CLKS) to the sample rate generator can be
divided-down by a
programmable value (CLKGDV bit in the sample rate generator register (SRGR)=
to drive CLKG.
Regardless of the source to the sample rate generator, the rising edge of
CLKSRG (see Figure 5)
generates CLKG and FSG.

CPU/6 is not clear.


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