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Fri Jul 31 19:24:53 CEST 2009

err = snd_hda_add_nids(codec, kctl, i, spec->capsrc_nids,
it maybe should be
err = snd_hda_add_nids(codec, kctl, i, spec->capsrc_nids, spec->num_adc_nids);
if I'm understanding patch_alc882 correctly, although that looks wrong
in pretty much every
other use I can see.

It's prolly me not understanding how the HDA stuff ties together very
well, but right now the
inbuilt sound fails to load with a -22 (-EINVAL) error, which is
snd_hda_add_nid rejecting a
nid <= 0.

I suspect is the same problem, and looks like it too.

On searching,
is exactly the
same problem, and the same model laptop as mine.

I'm happy to do debugging and whatnot, since I hope to actually work
out the correct patch
overrides to get my laptop speakers properly working so any debugging
I do for this problem
will hopefully improve my understanding of the HDA driver.

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