[alsa-devel] intel DP35DP adat supported (STAC927x codec) ?

Eric ejaouen at ponctey.fr
Sat Jan 31 13:06:46 CET 2009

Their has never been an ADAT input advertised on the STAC927x codec.
What is needed for this codec to work is a switch to change between
SPDIF and ADAT mode OUTPUT (on the backpanel toslink).
As shown in the codec datasheet :
When choosing ADAT mode : node 1Fh ADATout (instead of node 1Eh spdif)
goes to node 21h Digout.

I think I have to buy the DP35DP so we can make and test the driver
modifications for it to work... I am really interested in the intel ADAT
output capable motherboard line.

> I think that mux list is reather "the input source" of SPDIF output,
> not the output target.  i.e. if you choose ADAT there, it means that
> the input from ADAT will go to SPDIF output.
> Takashi

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