[alsa-devel] asoc: s3c24xx+uda1380 - some questions

Vasily Khoruzhick anarsoul at gmail.com
Tue Jan 27 16:19:53 CET 2009

On Tuesday 27 January 2009 17:00:41 Mark Brown wrote:

> CCing in Philipp Zabel who wrote the UDA1380 driver.  Assuming you mean
> control to cut the power to the chip the most standard way of doing it
> would be with the regulator API but if the chip isn't being used much in
> new designs it might not be worth it.

Uh-oh, I didn't thought that it will be so complicated to decide when turn one 
gpio line to 0 or 1 :) Btw, I'm thinking about using own write- and read- 
wrappers for uda1380, in this way I can check on each read/write whether 
codec power is enabled.

> That sounds like something in the teardown path should be done on
> startup as well.  Can't think of any obvious gotchas there, though I'd
> be looking at the codec and machine drivers since the CPU driver for the
> S3C24xx is used in quite a few designs.

Sorry, but what is "teardown path"?

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