[alsa-devel] handle an external PWM amplifier via alsa interface

Matteo Canella matteo.canella at mta.it
Tue Jan 27 11:15:48 CET 2009

I'm a newbie in ALSA development.
I'm trying to implement an alsa interface for the audio section of my board.
I have an mpc5200 that control via i2s a pcm1774 stereo DAC and I also have
an amplifier between the DAC and the speakers.
At the moment I have the pcm1774 driver properly working, but I have a few
ideas on how to integrate the control of the external amplifier in the alsa
structure. I need to set the amplifier level with a PWM input to it.

Now I'm trying to use "non dapm" controls, adding the PWM settings into this

What do you guys think about this?
Am I completely wrong or could this be a good way?

Thanks a lot

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