[alsa-devel] CMI8788/AV200/Oxygen Volume Controls in alsamixer (oxygen_mixer.c:dac_volume_get())

Clemens Ladisch clemens at ladisch.de
Fri Jan 23 14:51:31 CET 2009

John L. Utz III wrote:
> It appears to me that these functions are attempting to work on all of 
> the channels at once instead of just choosing Master, Front, Rear, 
> Surround, or what have you:

Yes, the "Master" control is one control with eight channels.

> this leads to a rather awkward result in alsamixer where there are 5 
> volume controls called "Master":
> < Master >  Master    Master    Master    Master
> IMHO, it would be more desirable for them to say:
> < Master >  Front     C/LFE     Surround  Rear Surr


Alsamixer chooses to display an eight-channel control this way.  This
can be considered a bug in alsamixer.

Best regards,

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