[alsa-devel] Any CMedia CMI8788 "Oxygen" and ASUS Xonar D1 "virtuoso" documentation available?

John L. Utz III jutz at dmx.com
Tue Jan 20 17:30:26 CET 2009

Hi Clemens;

thankyou for the response.

Clemens Ladisch wrote:
> John L. Utz III wrote:
>> I just tried to find the docs for the CMI8788 on www.cmedia.com.tw and i
>> was not successful.
> That website has a datasheet which doesn't contain much of interest.

yah, i read that. :-(

> There is a datasheet with register specifications, but it is only
> available under NDA.
>> Nor have i been able to find any virtuoso docs at www.asus.com.
> The only difference between the CMI8787/CMI8788/AV100/AV200 chips is the
> label on top of the chip.

Oh, thankyou!

>> I know that Clemens wrote the driver, but I dont know if it was written
>> from scratch with docs or ported from a 4front driver.
> I started with an ALSA driver that was written by someone at C-Media,
> but it was so incomplete and buggy that I started over from scratch.
> I never signed an NDA.

ok, understood.

>> currently, there are some bugs with channel mapping on the rear channel
>> in Surround40 mode that i would like to fix
> In 4.0 mode, the "rear" channels go to the "surround" jack.  The
> "surround" and "back" jacks behave like described in the manual.

yup, that works.

> The PCM data from the computer is organized as (up to) four two-channel
> pairs.  There are four DACs that each play a two-channel pair of PCM
> data.  The "play routing" register contains four two-bit fields that
> specify, for each DAC, the number of the channel pair that is to be
> played on this DAC.  This allows rerouting (by exchanging some fields)
> or duplicating of channels pairs (by having the same source for multiple
> DACs).  All this is handled in the oxygen_update_dac_routing() function.

thankyou for the huge fat hint. :-)

we have some transposed channels when we run our app, i can probably fix 

> Clemens

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