[alsa-devel] Turtle Beach Multisound Pinnacle alsa driver

Takashi Iwai tiwai at suse.de
Mon Jan 19 14:11:47 CET 2009

At Mon, 19 Jan 2009 14:07:48 +0100,
Krzysztof Helt wrote:
> Hi Takashi,
> I have posted the second version of this driver on 6 December
> but it has still been waiting for moderator approval as it was 
> to big (about 90KB).

Oh thats' bad.  Possible to split and repost?

> Is there any chances to replace an old experimental driver
> in the alsa-driver package to this new one?
> A long term target is to remove old OSS driver for the card
> and use the new one for ALSA.

Sure, I didn't merge your patch just because it seems not much tested
(as I remembered in your patch description).

> The summary of major changes are:
> 1. New driver uses PnP framework
> 2. It uses MPU401 framework instead of raw midi (so less code)
> 3. It has fixed handling of 8-bit audio formats (bug in the old driver)
> 4. It has fixed audio capture formats (bug in the old driver)
> 5. It has fixed requesting shared memory region (bug in the old driver)
> 6. ioremap memory region once instead before each access (improvement)
> 7. Removed common module as it is very small (improvement)
> 8. Code conforms to the Linux kernel CS.
> 9. It is shorter by at list 10KB of source and few KB of binary.
> 10. Few smaller bugs fixed (e.g. digital output option in mixer).
> I tested this driver on a borrowed card. It has digital output add-on card. 
> If anybody can tell me how to test a digital input/output (e.g. by using
> another sound card) I can do this as well.

As long as you tested, certainly it's fine to replace.
Or, we could disable only the old driver's Kconfig and put yours.

Anyway, it'd be helpful if you repost patches again.



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