[alsa-devel] [Pull request] Support for wm9705 codec and two machines that use it.

Ian Molton ian at mnementh.co.uk
Fri Jan 16 16:00:35 CET 2009

Mark Brown wrote:
> On Fri, Jan 16, 2009 at 01:39:45PM +0000, Ian Molton wrote:

> Oh, there's a lot of stuff that could be factored out but the whole
> register access area needs a good looking at.

I dont mind consolidating the cache handling code if its worth the 
effort (IOW its not scheduled to get totally re-written)

> It should be the register address as you'd see it in the datasheet
> unless there's a *very* good reason for it to be something else.  It's
> entirely private to the codec driver what the register parameter means,
> the rest of the code only works with values that were given to it by the
> codec driver.

some of the core code for dumping the codecs reg_cache looks quite 
broken... at least its only debug code, but broken debug code is worse 
than useless...

>> If the former, then the caching in my wm9705 and a few other drivers is
>> broken. These treat reg as a register _address_ and shift it right by 1
>> to get the reg number and thus index into the reg cache.
> Neither scheme is broken.

I guess  not as its codec specific (wit the exception noted above)

 > The AC97 parts are special because AC97 only
> has even numbered registers so they're saving a bit of memory by only
> having cache space for registers that actually exist and cutting down on
> noise by only showing those registers in the debug output.  It's not a
> big saving but it's there.

Actually they arent. the regs are 16 bit anyway for the most part so 
there is no saving - Just confusion over the meaning of the 'reg' parameter.

Basically we've got two codec types. BOTH have 16 bit regs, but on some 
the 'reg' parameter is a register address, and on some its the register 

This is fine I supppose if the semantics for the underlying bus are the 
same, eg. the PXA AC97 bus takes reg as an address.

I havent checked to see if any AC97 codecs are passing reg as a register 
number - if they are then thats a clear bug as its not what the AC97 bus 
driver expects.

>>> Please post an incremental patch with your other changes.
>> Attached below for review.
> Doesn't seem to include the kmemdup() fix for WM9705

Whoops. Fixed.

> - if you could post
> the WM9705 changes only together with your signoff I can push the queue
> I'm sitting on to Takashi?

Sure, but I really think the other changes noted below need to  go in 
ASAP as AFAICT they are clearly bogus.

> Undefined register access is often a deliberate decision in order to
> allow access to functionality of the chip outside the fully documented
> sections of the register space.

Yes, I understand that.

> Having the cache there may not be safe
> depending on the behaviour of the undocumented registers.

Of course, but drivers calling ac97_write need to get clear errors back, 

> Yes, though it's less bad than it looks since each codec driver only has
> to agree with itself.


>> This patch takes fixes a number of bugs in the caching code used by
>> several ASoC codec drivers. Mostly off-by-one fixes.
> This looks reasonable, though I didn't go through it completely
> carefully due to the lack of signoff.

I think it needs to get in ASAP. I'll send it along with the wm9705 
stuff again, with my SOB (I've read through it again), but as a seperate 

Patches to follow shortly.


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