[alsa-devel] intel DP35DP adat supported (STAC927x codec) ?

Matthew Ranostay mranostay at embeddedalley.com
Thu Jan 15 01:14:31 CET 2009

Hello Eric,

You should run the latest ALSA from the git tree because I added a codec
specific SPDIF output control control for that chipset.

 417 static const char *stac927x_spdif_labels[5] = {
 418     "Digital Playback", "ADAT", "Analog Mux 1",
 419     "Analog Mux 2", "Analog Mux 3"
 420 };

I haven't tested ADAT output though but I have no reason to
think it wouldn't work.


Matt Ranostay

Eric wrote:
> In their handbook, motherboard intel DP35DP and others with STAC927x (in
> the codec datasheet also ADAT output is featured on older sigmatel
> STAC9271 and now IDT STAC9274 only) advertise ADAT output possible on
> their toslink.
> DP35DP and other intel boards are proven to have the ADAT output working
> under windows.
> Is it working in Alsa ? Many HTPC users would love that... I would !
> Anybody from intel or IDT/sigmatel to confirm (by checking the sigmatel
> STAC927x hda codec driver) that it will work ?
> I want these intel motherboards only for this ADAT output feature and I
> am a linux only user so I would like to know before buying...
> I want to be sure someone would make the necessary changes to the hda
> sigmatel codec alsa driver so it would work.
> Thank you everybody
>>> Is the ADAT output of the IDT (sigmatel) STAC927x HDA codec supported in
>>> alsa ?
>>> If not could someone please try to add this incredibly nice feature in
>>> the existing alsa driver ?
>> Do you have any HD-audio device with ADAT?
>> IIRC, there is no specific verbs for ADAT on STAC927x...
>> Takashi
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