[alsa-devel] hda-intel on macbook5, 1 (was: lockdep warning on 2.6.29-rc1 with pulseaudio)

Johannes Berg johannes at sipsolutions.net
Wed Jan 14 22:04:42 CET 2009

On Wed, 2009-01-14 at 21:40 +0100, Takashi Iwai wrote:

> > Now, I actually get sound with model=mbp3, but the controls are all
> > wrong, e.g. line-out controls the built-in speakers, and the speaker
> > on/off control doesn't do anything to the speakers. Also, I need to turn
> > up the volumes pretty much to max to get any output at all, which seems
> > a little strange. I'll try to figure out what the controls really are
> > and see if I can make a new model that links it all up correctly.
> Ah, good to hear.  Then we have really a better hope now.

Yeah, I just need to figure out the correct set of controls and outputs.
Any hints here?

> > Anyway, sorry for the bother and thanks for all the help.
> > 
> > In other news, I've got a new aoa patch that actually works on the older
> > models, but so far doesn't fix the quiet sound problem either, I'm still
> > working with Andreas on that. And I'm also working with somebody else to
> > get optical output on topaz-based machines.
> Great.  I can merge 2.6.30 materials at any time.  So feel free to
> submit patches.

The last status looks like we're missing to turn on the "master" amps
via a GPIO, so it should be simple to fix, while not so simple to
debug :) I'll send you patches separately.

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