[alsa-devel] 2.6.28-rc5 broke ALSA headphone output for my Toughbooks.

Takashi Iwai tiwai at suse.de
Thu Jan 1 11:04:06 CET 2009

At Tue, 23 Dec 2008 10:44:50 -0500,
Kyler Laird wrote:
> My Panasonic CF-74 Toughbooks do not play audio through the headphone
> jack starting with 2.6.28-rc5.  The patch below is only to illustrate
> what changes I made to restore headphone jack functionality.  I do not
> suggest using this patch as part of the mainline kernel because it
> reverts some code that I'm sure is important to other users.
> Output of the ALSA script aadebug follows the patch.
> I'm continuing to investigate but I wanted to get this out in case the
> solution is obvious to someone else.  It would be great to have a fix in
> 2.6.28.  (2.6.28 is the first series to support all of the hardware in
> the Toughbook.)

Please run alsa-info.sh with --no-upload option and attach the
generated files on both the headphone plugged and unplugged.
Also, run preferably on both (old) working and non-working kernels
to compare.



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