[alsa-devel] Distortion in SND_PCM_FORMAT_S32 playback with Intel HDA

Lasse Kärkkäinen tronic+8nhy at trn.iki.fi
Sun Feb 22 04:35:42 CET 2009

This problem only occurs when samples very close to min/max limits is 
played. Sounds like integer overflows to the other side. My sample data 
is correct (not overflowing itself), but apparently ALSA has stricter 

I'm using device hw:Intel, so ALSA shouldn't be doing any sample format 
conversions. Thus I suspect that this might be a fault (a feature) of 
the hardware itself.

Can anyone confirm this?

Playing in 16 bit mode there is no problem and even -32768 seems to be 
playing properly.

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