[alsa-devel] idt blue jack patch

Paulo Cavalcanti promac at gmail.com
Mon Feb 16 10:13:35 CET 2009


I received a patch form Fengguang that
made my Intel DG45ID (snd-hda-intel, codec IDT 92HD73E1X5)
behave the way it should, in my opinion.

It just makes the blue jack behave as an input source by default (in alsa
1.0.19 it is
an output jack).

It is widespread that the green jack is output, the blue input and the pink
is mic.
Some cards allow reconfiguring the jacks in alsamixer, but the DG45ID
already has
an orange and black jacks for rear and center speakers, and a digital

Other people have also raised this problem some time ago:


Fengguang suggested me to direct my request to the development list,
so the other developers could decide what to do.

I would like to add that I can use the input source and the mic just fine
(the mic could be a bit louder, but it works fine with skype).

The patch is very simple and is attached. This would conclude the fix
for this card, Takashi started with me some time ago (I just made the


Paulo Roma Cavalcanti
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