[alsa-devel] MTP-AV Bugs

Holger Dehnhardt dehnhardt at ahdehnhardt.de
Wed Feb 11 22:08:42 CET 2009

Yes Takashi - your patch works - even if I had to apply the changes manually 
because patch always gave me errors and I was not willing to go deeper into it 
because of 2 lines of code. As stated before - I'm not used to this all ;-)

I did not have to do use the deprecated snd_card_new() method either... . Even 
MIDI out works as expected.
I'm sorry that I was stupid enough to overwrite my changes, so I can not 
comprehend what I've done before.
One last thing:
> Heh, you can teach your children driver programming :)
You would not wish that my 3 year old son is doing this stuff - hopefully even 
I am better than he;-)

So Takashi, thank you very much for your help! Have a nice evening - or 
whatever time is in your place!


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