[alsa-devel] [PATCH v2 0/3] Atmel ALSA drivers

Hans-Christian Egtvedt hans-christian.egtvedt at atmel.com
Thu Feb 5 13:10:58 CET 2009

This patch series is the second revision after the initial review on
alsa-devel mailing list. I have addressed the feedback and fixed up the
drivers appropriatly, at least I hope so.

I've settled to put the drivers in the more common sound/atmel and added
an "Atmel devices (AVR32 and AT91)" menu entry in the ALSA part of
kconfig. No drivers are available for AT91 yet, but the AC97C driver
should be quite simple to add support for AT91 devices as well.

The patches are formatted against v2.6.29-rc3 tag from Linux repository.
In addition a vital DMA patch[1] is needed, which adds a cyclic DMA
interface to the DesignWare DMA controller.

1: http://avr32linux.org/archives/kernel/2009-February/002088.html

Best regards,
Hans-Christian Egtvedt

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