[alsa-devel] Creative X-Fi USB 5.1 Driver

Mandar Joshi emailmandar at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 4 05:36:15 CET 2009


I was reading the USB Audio Specs from http://www.usb.org/developers/devclass_docs
The document talks about Effect Unit Descriptors and few other descriptors.There is no mention of such descriptors in the 'lsusb -v' output for the USB X-Fi 5.1
Does this mean thet the X-Fi,Crystalizer features of the USB X-Fi are implemented purely in software?
Here is a link to the lsusb output http://mndar.phpnet.us/usbxfi/files/creative.txt

The document "Audio20 final.pdf" also mentions that bDeviceClass, bDeviceSubClass and bDeviceProtocol should have values 0xEF, 0x02, and 0x01 respectively but in the 'lsusb -v' output all three values are 0. Any idea why it is so?

Mandar Joshi


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