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30.12.2009 19:22, The Source пишет:
> 30.12.2009 10:39, The Source пишет:
>> Hello. I have some info on that card, but not much. I have discovered 
>> that this card is detected connected via USB rather than PCI-E (the 
>> slot is ExpressCard). snd_ctxfi uses PCI interfaces right? Can X-Fi 
>> support be also added to snd_usb_audio? Or can snd_ctxfi support USB?
>> lsusb -v output on that card is attached (sorry for duplicate mail, 
>> forgot to attach it first time). I now have this card and willing to 
>> help to test (or perhaps create) proper driver.
> Additional info. The card is partially recognized - Analog Stereo 
> Input device is available. But sadly no output.
> Also I tested the card in Virtual Box (WinXP 64 guest) and even 
> without creative drivers the card is recognized as USB Audio Device 
> and works fine. So it seems it's usb audio compliant. I hope this is 
> helpful.
Hmm, it looks like Input working is the result of my addition to 
Recording from mic now works (on very low volume though)

/* Creative X-Fi Notebook */
     .match_flags = USB_DEVICE_ID_MATCH_VENDOR | 
     .idVendor = 0x041e,
     .idProduct = 0x30d2,
     .bInterfaceClass = USB_CLASS_AUDIO,
     .driver_info = (unsigned long) & (const struct snd_usb_audio_quirk) {
         .vendor_name = "Creative Labs",
         .product_name = "X-Fi Notebook",
         .ifnum = QUIRK_NO_INTERFACE

I tested some other quirk values but nothing else works at all. As for 
output - alsamixer actually shows it and allows to change it's volume, 
but channel number is not available. For example speaker-test says 
'Error setting hwparams: Invalid argument" and aplay says "Channel 
number is not available" on any channel number.
alsa-info output is attached.
I ask for any help from experienced alsa developer (snd_usb_audio 
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