[alsa-devel] ControlNames: Input Source/ Capture Source/ Jack Mode?

Alexey Fisher bug-track at fisher-privat.net
Sun Dec 6 12:26:52 CET 2009

i have question about controlnames, or if i correctly understand it:

Capture Source - you can capture only from one of two (or more) sources.
On switching mic a or mic b will be enabled or disabled.
             /--(o)--mic b
cap switch---
             \--(x)--mic a

Input Source - same as capture source but more verbose
                           /---(Mute/Vol)--Mic a
input switch--(a(x)/b(o))--
                           \---(Mute/Vol)--Mic b

more complicated setup:

                            +---(Mute/Vol)--Mic a
input switch a-(a(x)/b(o))--+
                            +---(Mute/Vol)--Mic b
input switch b-(a(x)/b(o))--+

jack mode - you can choice to put VREF on the line or not.
                           /---(Mute/Vol)-(mode)-Mic a
input switch--(a(x)/b(o))--
                           \---(Mute/Vol)-(mode)-Mic b

i hope i understand it correctly.
Now is my situation:

                                   +---------+--(Mute/Rec)-(mode)-Mic a
input switch a-(a(x)/b(o)/mix(o))--+         |
                                   +---------+--(Mute/Rec)-(mode)-Mic b
input switch b-(a(x)/b(o)/mix(o))--+         |
                                   +--mixer--+<---(Mute/Vol for Mic a/b)

are there any way to make alsamixer less verbose but still productive?

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