[alsa-devel] snd_hda_intel: MacBook Pro 5,1 / ALC889A issues

Alexey Spiridonov snarkmaster at gmail.com
Fri Dec 4 10:17:33 CET 2009


The hda_intel driver is only marginally usable on my laptop. I
described the problems in detail here:


In brief, one has to choose between two sets of problems:

1) model=mbp3: broken speakers
2) model=mb5: working speakers, but noisy headphone output

Neither option provides headphone jack sense.

Neither option is able to access the headset-type microphone available
under MacOS through 3-band jacks like this:
(MacOS automatically switches from the in-computer mic to the the
headset mic -- I haven't been able to get any signal from it despite
trying all permutations of alsamixer's capture settings)

I have attached the output of alsa-info.sh.

I'd be happy to help test patches, or other debugging support.

Thanks a lot!

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