[alsa-devel] issue at 44.1 Khz capturing

Harsha, Priya priya.harsha at intel.com
Mon Aug 10 15:12:47 CEST 2009

I see that the buffer allocated is 22050 bytes (and not 22052 bytes). Yes the hardware supports buffers which are not multiple of period size.

Can I forcefully set my buffer size to 22052 bytes and allocate using snd_pcm_lib_malloc_pages and try? Will that help?	 

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>Harsha, Priya wrote:
>> ... But when I printed out the values passed from the pointer function,
>> they are exactly at the intervals of 5513 bytes.
>What is the exact buffer size?  Half a second would be 22050 bytes
>(frames?), while four of your periods are 22052 bytes.
>Does your hardware support buffers whose length is not an integer
>multiple of the period size?
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