[alsa-devel] Problem bringing up new alsa driver

Jaroslav Kysela perex at perex.cz
Sun Apr 26 20:31:14 CEST 2009

On Sun, 26 Apr 2009, Jon Smirl wrote:

> If I take this out I get these errors...
> ALSA sound/core/pcm_lib.c:264: PCM: hw_ptr skipping! [Q] (pos=11026,
> delta=5513, period=5513, jdelta=33/37/0)

It means that the period DMA operation is too quick in your case and does 
not correspond to the timing specified by rate. It might be that the FIFO 
on path is large or rate set to the codec is not correct. What's HZ value 
on your system and FIFO size? There is HZ/100 margin in the check now.


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