[alsa-devel] Via 1708S no S/PDIF out

Gus Zernial gus_zernial at yahoo.com
Sun Apr 19 18:33:50 CEST 2009

I posted this on alsa-user and got no response. I have an ASUS M4A78T-E motherboard system, which has 7.1 channel HD Audio out using Via VT1708S chip, (plus ATI HDMI out). I'm running Kubuntu Jaunty 9.04
with a custom kernel. I am getting sound out the Line
Out/Speaker Out jacks, but no sound through the Toslink S/PDIF Out jack. The S/PDIF out channel does not show in aplay -L command output, and there is no S/PDIF out slider in amixer.

This is a dual-boot system and everything, including S/PDIF out, works fine with WinXP. In linux, I'm running alsa version 1.0.19. I can post more information if needed, but I think I have the right modules loaded, and I've tried various "model=" options for snd_hda_intel, so far none provide S/PDIF out.

My questions are .... can someone tell me if S/PDIF out is supposed to work with this audio chip, and if so what do I need to do configuration-wise to get it to work?   Thankyou ...


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