[alsa-devel] bug in snd_device_name_hint

Andreas Messer andi at bupfen.de
Wed Sep 10 21:16:21 CEST 2008


at first I'm sorry for not using the bug-tracking system to report this 
bug. But I'm not going to create one account for each os-project only to 
submit a bug report.
While playing arround with mumble, I discovered a bug in the alsa 
library (1.0.17a) function 'snd_device_name_hint': Calling this function 
leads to a partial destroyed snd_config for my configuration. In my 
case, after calling this function, an open request for certain pcm 
devices fails. If you need detailed information, feel free to contact me 
using my email adress. (I'm not subscribing the mailing list!)

I omitted my config here, to keep this mail short...


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