[alsa-devel] DaVinci ASoC DMA stalls

Mark Lokowich lokowich at acdstar.com
Fri Sep 5 00:23:57 CEST 2008

I did have to add a getposition accessor to the DaVinci DMA module, 
which is used by the pcm_pointer function.  Other than that, I believe 
the ASoC should build.  My test is simply to run aplay or speaker-test, 
then quit and run it again.  The first run is audible, the second and 
subsequent runs are not audible until I provide a manual DMA event trigger.


Caglar Akyuz wrote:
> Mark Lokowich wrote:
>> I've been using the DaVinci ASoC for a few months and have recently
>> upgraded to the 2.6.26 based DaVinci git kernel.  Now my audio DMA
>> stalls more readily after stopping an active stream.  I can manually
>> trigger the event by poking the ESR to reactivate the stalled stream,
>> suggesting the problem is in the ASP-to-DMA XEVT interface.  This
>> problem is less prevalent in the 2.6.25 based kernel.  Any help?
> I don't know if this helps but, I am using ASoC code on my DaVinci board
> with latest git kernel(2.6.27) and I have no visible issues with the ASoC
> code. However, there may be some code-coverage issue with my usage so if you
> have any test method to verify that I really don't have your problem I'll
> be happy to perform some tests.
> My real concern is that this code has never been built without any problems here.
> First there was a separate asoc branch in davinci tree which failed to built.
> I tried with 2.6.25 and there was again build issues. Finally I wasn't able to
> build ASoC code with 2.6.27 so I tried to patch it. I think some part of it 
> relies on some dma code which is not present in davinci tree.[1] I don't know
> if everybody else is patching kernel source to build asoc support, maybe I'm
> doing something wrong. I'm not sure, just FYI.
> Regards,
> Caglar
> [1] http://linux.omap.com/pipermail/davinci-linux-open-source/2008-March/005920.html

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